Welcome To Your Community For Growth And Personal Development

Join our community on a journey to physical, mental and emotional health. We’ll help you learn how to use the power of mindfulness. Because when you look for the good in the world and yourself, you’ll find it.

Manage Your Wellness
In One Place

The Balance Spark app simplifies your life. Navigation through the app feels natural, as you check in with yourself by keeping track of your physical, nutrition, social and more.

Wellness Pillars

The 4 pillars of wellness are Physical, Nutrition, Social, and Energy. Balance between each of these areas of your life is vital to achieve true health and wellness. The Balance Spark app supports you in each of these areas.

Your Health Assistant

Get health and wellness support right when you need it. Health Guardian can help you get in touch with your mind and body, even identifying the root causes of health issues.

Our Platform

Balance Spark is a revolutionary health and wellness AI technology platform.  Unlike other health and wellness apps that focus on one specific area, Balance Spark users learn to build healthy habits across the Four Pillars to achieve a more balanced lifestyle.

Designed For Everyone


We help you identify and track that much needed family time to strengthen your home life. This feature was specifically designed to help the founders of Balance Spark and their families. Now we want to share the happiness it brings with the world.

Functional Medicine

Balance Spark has aligned our model with the functional medicine space. Our app can be used as a companion for functional medicine clinicians and coaches to guide their patients through proactive and accountable health. .


Working in the virtual world makes it difficult to separate their work and personal lives. We offer your employees support on time management to instill work life balance, and help them improve communication and creating positivity through community channels.

Our Vision

Can you picture a world where everyone feels good and does good? We can. We created Balance Spark to change the world by changing how people treat themselves and others. We believe in the power of positivity and mindfulness to create this change, from the inside out. Thank you for joining us on this journey. This is just the beginning.

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