What Is Balance Spark?

Balance Spark is an innovative health and wellness platform.  This all-in-one platform simplifies and optimizes each user’s wellness journey by providing a framework that guides and empowers users towards improved, holistic health.

Unlike other health and wellness apps or programs that focus a specific area or areas of wellness, Balance Spark users learn to build healthy habits across our Four Pillars to achieve a balanced and consistent lifestyle.  The features within on our platform provide a one stop shop for your health and wellness needs.

Holistic Health and Wellness Platform

We all face those low points in our day and we need to be uplifted and inspired.  We need to be reminded of our greatness.  Ignite Me features videos designed to provide on the fly motivation and inspiration.  Our goal is to energize our members through motivating and inspirational media.
Support right when you need it. Health Guardian can assist you with mind and body balance and identify the root causes of health issues.  As you provide Health Guardian with more information about your health and wellness needs, the platform expands the personalization of your journey.
Health and Wellness Assistant
Bringing Positivity

Bringing the Positive features media focused on our four pillars and designed to bring out the happiness and positivity in the world.  The content is personalized around topics that interest our members to keep them engaged in the platform and focused on their health.

Our wellness store provides an array of carefully selected tools from trusted quality brands to help streamline this journey at the click of a button.  These tools align with member goals and interests to provide a personalized wellness journey for each and every member.  
Our platform is set of tools to help you form healthy habits.  To plan and monitor your progress we make our apps and notifications accessible via smart phones, smart watches, and home assistants.  Utilize our apps to plan so you can have a more fulfilling experience in life.
Health and Wellness Mobile Apps