Unnecessary Complexities

At Balance Spark, we believe the current health and wellness domain is overly complicated, challenging for people to understand, and hard to put into consistent practice.  There are several health and wellness models that suggest the management of an overwhelming number of categories.  As a result, most people who are aspiring to achieve a practical, balanced lifestyle often fail to ignite their inner balance. 

To combat the unnecessary complexities of health and wellness we have minimized our approach into four simple pillars.  We combine these four pillars with our “Inner Balance Model” which represents a lifecycle designed to make it easier for people to better conceptualize health and wellness as well as more effectively self-manage it on a regular basis.

Health and Wellness is Complex
Health and Wellness Achieved through Inner Balance

The Wellness Model

Our holistic health and wellness model focuses on physical, nutrition, energy, and social.  Knowing that most mobile apps that people relate to for wellness fall into the categories of Physical Activity, Nutrition, Meditation, and Social Media we used these areas for our pillars to keep people within their comfort zones.

Through our four pillars, you can identify an imbalance in your wellness and drive towards inner balance through a centralized platform. The goal is never perfection, but rather a process of consistent, incremental self-improvement.  By taking this unique approach, we believe people will have a higher success rate creating a healthy lifestyle and ignite their inner balance.

The Four Wellness Pillars

Physical Wellness Pillar


We have become so heavily reliant on the world of medicine to give us the quick solution for all that ails us that we’ve lost our ability to self-diagnose basic ailments and heal ourselves. By interacting with our physical pillar, one can learn to educate, self-diagnosis, and monitor their own physical well-being.
Nutrition Wellness Pillar


Most people engage in some form of “diet” and more often than not fall back on old habits. Adaption can only take place when we have a method to understand our gaps and be willing to consistently take incremental steps. And unfortunately, the human body is not designed for drastic changes in small time frames.

Energy Wellness Pillar


Our Energy Pillar focuses on emotional intelligence (EQ) and understanding the energy in your environment being positive and negative. In order to be aware of our surroundings we need a clear state of mind, which can really only be achieved through mindfulness. We also couple it with a suggestion of personal time. This personal time is where you can clear your mind, focus, and find what makes you happy.

Social Wellness Pillar


The Social Pillar emphasizes our need to interact with people and creates an opportunity to practice our EQ and mindfulness skills that we obtain through the Energy Pillar. It also allows us to create a community of people that support the goals of our friends and family as well as celebrate our own personal achievements from the Physical, Nutrition, and Energy Pillars.

Inner Balance Model

The Inner Balance Model is a lifecycle that can provide continuous improvement in the area of health and wellness throughout an individual’s life. The life cycle takes an individual on a journey through five phases (e.g., Discovery, Pillar Basics, Self-Awareness, Identify Goals, Balance Ignited), at their own pace, generating an improved sense of balance through each iteration.

As individuals proceed through each iteration, their skills can incrementally improve, increasing the goal level from beginner to intermediate or advanced.

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Health and Wellness through the Inner Balance Model